Traycee was introduced to horror films by her father when she was five years old. At first she didn’t take to them because she thought they were boring and would rather be outside climbing trees. She vividly remembers her brother calling her a "chicken" while her father had a much gentler approach. He explained that horror was make-believe and no one really got hurt. HBO became one of her closest friends and movies in general became a way of life.  

While growing up, she discovered that she wanted to be an actress, but after high school, she didn’t have a solid plan. Her then boyfriend suggested that she join the Air Force just to get out of their small town. It was that experience that forced her out of her shell and taught her to be self-reliant, confident, and aware. 

Her dreams of being an actress finally materialized when she was discharged from the military, however, due to 9/11 she was reactivated and her plans were put on hold. Her father (a Navy veteran) cried and said that he wanted to come out of retirement to take her place. Traycee explained to him that he had done enough and it was her turn to protect him. After serving eight years, she was discharged for good. 


She got a few acting gigs here and there but was greedy for work. While playing the waiting game, she found that her peers were creating their own content online during the early stages of New Media. Curious, she searched for horror online but at the time, that genre was nowhere to be found. It was then that she decided to stop waiting, make her own films, and create work for herself. It was through this process that she found out how much she loved filmmaking. 

Throughout this journey, she snagged filmmaking gigs with Lionsgate, Legendary, and Nerdist, to name a few. Though filmmaking is a passion, acting will always be her number one priority. 


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