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Christ, I'm bad at keeping up with habits. Fuck it, I'm here now.


Acting Class has been incredible. I've been experimenting with intention and twisting characters into non-sensical order - 4D. Hayao Miyazaki talks about the Japanese concept of Ma and the importance of storytelling in the quiet moments. Often times in performances, there's very little pause, thought, or slip-of-the-tongues. Hollywood storytelling is smooth, quippy, witty, and slick... and that's not always real. It's snappy and it's ballsy, but it's not real. People mess up all the time and pause in the weirdest moments to allow whatever random thought to happen. Full immersion pulls the viewer in so deeply, that they feel perverted for watching. And that is the goal.


Parasomnia, the first feature film that I'm producing with three other people, is officially in development (fund seeking). We've compiled lists, made plans, scheduled meetings, and are networking the shit out of the place. If you want to be part of the process, invest in our film!


Sloppy Seconds is STREAMING on Google Play! It's part of the Pulp Modern: Die Laughing anthology with a special twist in the wrap-around story. Its Prime release should be June, 2024 - look out for it there as well! Damn the man, support indie horror!


I've decided to finesse my script for Project N-terro and will most likely film it myself. I'd love a budget, but the message itself is too important to me to sit on. Funding or not, I'll make it happen.


Ending on a random-maybe-not-so-random note, I've decided to plant roots and get connected with my communities. I volunteer at the American Legion (Post 43) and the YMCA. It's important to stay grounded while meeting new people; that's how empathy grows and art becomes powerful. If you need a change, do volunteer work. BOOP!


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