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My Son Wrote a Book!

This is probably one of the coolest days of my life - seeing a book my son wrote, illustrated, and spent so much time on finally get published!

Written by Alan Villaflor

Like many people, his life was halted by the pandemic. He was attending Long Beach University as a Senior when it hit and since then, finding a place to start in life has been a challenge. He majored in English and knew he wanted to write a story. Art is his second language, so the fact that he made a MANGA as his first written piece blows my mind!

I'm proud of you, honey! Here's to more creations and stories!

Get your copy on Amazon and let us know what you think! Volume 2 coming soon!

"Orion Agbayani, or Ryan for short, has hit a roadblock in his life. As he reaches his mid-twenties, he realizes that his way of thinking has doomed him. The indecisiveness. The over-thinking. The doubt. Things that acted as a protective shield from failure ultimately lead to the greatest failure of all. Stagnation. Trapped in his head, he goes against the parts of himself that hold him back."

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